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Migrants in Sicily - the monitoring project of Borderline Sicilia Onlus and borderline-europe

Since 2011, monitoring and observation of the situation, but also advocacy has been one of the core tasks of our sister association Borderline Sicilia Onlus. Arrivals, the situation of the centres, access to the asylum procedure are just some of the areas on which reports are published in three languages.

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Criminalization of Migration & Solidarity in Italy

In the course of the collective attempt to shut down its borders, the EU uses numerous means of deterrence to prevent people from seeking safety in Europe. The criminalisation of people on the move and those who are in solidarity with them has been a widespread strategy for years. In Italy, too, people are prosecuted under the charge of "aiding and abetting unauthorised entry".

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Situation of refugees and migrants in Italy

Here you can find our bi-weekly Update on the situation in Italy "Scirocco - News in Brief" and further information on the situation of refugees and migrants in Italy.

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Central Mediterranean Info 2.0

borderline-europe started in March 2019 to put together information about the situation in the Central Mediterranean Sea for internal research reasons. In 2021 we decided to publish parts of the data via Social Media and on our website.

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Sahara: Externalisation of EU borders

The 9 million square kilometres of the Sahara now form an externalised border of the European Union. Push-backs, quarantine camps, military patrols and checkpoints in an area without infrastructure are supposed to ensure that the border becomes insurmountable. Who still dares to move can face easily death. We document human rights violations against people on the move in the Sahara.

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EU ad hoc relocation - A lottery from the sea to the hotspots and back to unsafety

As a consequence of the Italian Ministry of the Interior's measures to block the arrival of people rescued from distress at sea, an EU ad hoc distribution mechanism was adopted in Malta in September 2019. With our new project, we are monitoring and documenting the implementation of these measures together with Sea-Watch, borderline Sicilia and the Refugee Council. We demand the stop of security checks by the German Domestic Intelligence Service in Italy and Malta. Relocation cannot take place without the people's consent to the country of destination and the guaranteed right to stay.

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Trial report: Kheiraldin, Abdallah and Mohamad: #Paros3 sentenced to a total of 439 years for steering the boat

n 05 May, the trial against the #Paros3 took place on the Greek island of Syros. Although both the prosecution and the judges acknowledged that the three defendants were not the smugglers or had acted for profit, nor were they to blame for the 18 people who lost their lives, the three fathers were nevertheless convicted of "facilitating unauthorised entry", resulting in a sentence of 187 years for the "captain" and 126 years for each of the two "assistants".
Language(s): Griechisch / ελληνικά

Report trial Samos2: The #Samos2 are free!

On May 18, the Criminal Chamber of the Samos Regional Court pronounced an exceptional verdict in the case of Hasan and N, the #Samos2.: The outcome, that the two are “free”, is a victory for the defendants, their defense, a joint campaign by numerous groups and organisations from all over Europe and thus for the fight against criminalisation of people on the move as a whole.
Language(s): Italienisch / Italiano

Greece: Because a 58-year-old father wanted to join his daughters in Berlin, he now faces 70 years in prison

For trying to follow his daughters to Berlin, H. Sabetara, a 58-year-old Iranian father, will stand trial in the Greek city of Thessaloniki on 21 June. His daughters had previously been able to leave Iran with the help of a student visa. As this route was blocked for him, Sabetara paid a smuggler who left him and other passengers alone at the border between Turkey and northern Greece. Because Sabetara drove a car inland, he was arrested for smuggling. For this, he faces 100 years in prison.
Language(s): Griechisch / ελληνικά