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Situation of refugees and migrants in Italy

Here you can find our bi-weekly Update on the situation in Italy "Scirocco - News in Brief" and further information on the situation of refugees and migrants in Italy.

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Criminalization of Migration & Solidarity in Italy

In the course of the collective attempt to shut down its borders, the EU uses numerous means of deterrence to prevent people from seeking safety in Europe. The criminalisation of people on the move and those who are in solidarity with them has been a widespread strategy for years. In Italy, too, people are prosecuted under the charge of "aiding and abetting unauthorised entry".

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With our campaign we want to intervene in the dominant criminalizing discourse about smuggling, which is pushed by EU politicians, and largely internalized by society. As long as the border regime exists, smuggling is necessary. Let's take a critical look at the politican narrativ around smuggling, and shift the focus back to the actual problem: the EU border regime. Fight borders, not smugglers!

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Criminalisation of migration and solidarity

Migration and solidarity with people on the move is being increasingly criminalised. Resisting this criminalisation is a central part of our work. We research and document socio-political developments and cases of criminalisation. In doing so, we provide concrete support for those affected and inform and sensitize a broad public in the form of information materials, public events and campaigns.

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Sicily - Tunisia: monitoring, research, identification

In 2023, borderline-europe is involved in two very different MONITORING projects: "Invisible" is about the situation of refugees in Sicily. Mem.Med, on the other hand, is a cooperation project between many entities that carefully focus on the people who have not made it through the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. borderline-europe supports the project through volunteers.

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Central Mediterranean Info 2.0

borderline-europe started in March 2019 to put together information about the situation in the Central Mediterranean Sea for internal research reasons. In 2021 we decided to publish parts of the data via Social Media and on our website.

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Annual report 2022: Resistance against the European border regime

Gewalt, Armut und Perspektivlosigkeit veranlassten auch im vergangenen Jahr unzählige Menschen dazu, lebensgefährliche Wege auf sich zu nehmen, um (vermeintliche) Sicherheit in Europa zu suchen. Alleine bei dem Versuch, das Mittelmeer zu überqueren, sind seit 2014 mehr als 25.000 Menschen gestorben oder gelten als vermisst. Die Antwort der EU: Militarisierung, Kriminalisierung und Abschottung. Die letzten Jahre haben zu einer stetig zunehmenden Eskalation in der europäischen Migrationspolitik geführt. Von obskuren Abkommen mit außereuropäischen Drittländern, über den Bau von als Aufnahmezentren getarnten Hochsicherheitstrakts bis zu körperlicher Misshandlung von Schutzsuchenden durch vermummte EU-Grenzschutzbeamt*innen. Dank eurer Unterstützung konnten wir auch im Jahr 2022 die rassistische Grenzgewalt an Europas Binnen- und (externalisierten) Außengrenzen sichtbar machen und für das Recht auf Bewegungsfreiheit für Alle kämpfen!
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Gatekeepers of the European Union: Sudan after El-Bashir

Five years ago, borderline-europe organized its first externalization conference in Berlin. We scrutinized the treaties, agreements and control mechanisms which were established to seal off the borders of the EU. In 2012, the European Union was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Ten years later, people are still drowning in the Mediterranean Sea and dying of thirst crossing the deserts – because there still are no safe escape routes. Under the rule of dictator Omar El-Bashir, Sudan has played a crucial role in securing the borders that have been outsourced to Africa. The country has become Europe’s gatekeeper for refugees and migrants from East Africa and other parts of the world. With the 2019 revolution, hope of a new democratic government emerged in Sudan. The 2021 coup shattered this hope. What is the situation today? This brochure is the result of a joint event with Bildungswerk Berlin of the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Africa Center for Justice and Peace Studies in Karthoum. It discusses the status today and which consequences the countercoup has had for people on the move. You can also watch a recording of our fifth externalization conference, where the event took place, here:
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Streiflicht Italien: "Nicht-Orte"

The Italian magazine "Streiflicht" deals with topics relevant to migration policy on the Italian mainland. The pilot issue, entitled "Non-Places," explores in four chapters the hurdles of the Italian reception system, in which people seeking protection are systematically pushed into invisibility.
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