Smugglers Portraits: Hamza Haddi, imprisoned in Greece

Over the next weeks we will be publishing portraits of people criminalized for smuggling in the EU.

The "fight against smugglers" is at the heart of European migration policy. Every year, millions of euros are poured into the "fight against unscrupulous criminals who put the lives of people on the move at risk", numerous charges are pressed, trials are held, thousands of people are imprisoned. But what is behind all this? Since when has the EU been interested in the welfare of refugees?

What is really behind the "fight against smugglers" becomes clear, among other things, by looking at who is being criminalized.

Hamza Haddi is one of the thousands of smugglers arrested by the EU. Because he steered the boat on which he and three others - including his own brother - crossed the Evros River to Greece, he was found guilty of smuggling and imprisoned. Listen to his story:


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