Situation of refugees and migrants in Italy

Here you will find information and updates about the situation of refugees and migrants in Italy. 

The "Scirocco" is our brief info from Italy, inspired by the southeasterly wind that regularly blows across the Mediterranean to the north, our Scirocco brings the latest news from the south. Every two weeks we report around the topics of migration & sea rescue and the latest political and social developments in Italy.

Publications in the year 2022

  • Reporting on the local elections in Sicily - June 2022: Sicily's local political line is experiencing a significant shift to the right. The election is marked by various inconsistencies and a record low election turnout.
  • Basta navi quarantena! - Marzo 2022 (Italian): March 2022: Two years after the establishment of the quarantine ships, we call on the government to put an end to the system of quarantine ships and to put in place procedures that guarantee security, the right to asylum, personal freedom and a dignified reception of persons arriving on Italian territory.

Scirocco - News in brief 

Part 15 Scirocco, September 2022 Part 14 Scirocco, August, 2022 Part 13 Scirocco, July, 2022 |Part 12 Scirocco, July 2022 |Part 11 Scirocco, June 2022 |Part 10 Scirocco, June 2022 |Part 9 Scirocco, May 2022 |Part 8 Scirocco, May 2022 |Part 7 Scirocco, April 2022 | Part 6 Scirocco, April 2022 |Part 5 Scirocco, March 2022 |Part 4 Scirocco, March 2022 |Part 3 Scirocco, March 2022 |Part 2 Scirocco, February 2022 |Part 1 Scirocco, January 2022

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Current projects

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Migrants in Sicily - the monitoring project of Borderline Sicilia Onlus and borderline-europe

Since 2011, monitoring and observation of the situation, but also advocacy has been one of the core tasks of our sister association Borderline Sicilia Onlus. Arrivals, the situation of the centres, access to the asylum procedure are just some of the areas on which reports are published in three languages.

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Situation of refugees and migrants in Italy

Here you can find our bi-weekly Update on the situation in Italy "Scirocco - News in Brief" and further information on the situation of refugees and migrants in Italy.

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Criminalization of Migration & Solidarity in Italy

In the course of the collective attempt to shut down its borders, the EU uses numerous means of deterrence to prevent people from seeking safety in Europe. The criminalisation of people on the move and those who are in solidarity with them has been a widespread strategy for years. In Italy, too, people are prosecuted under the charge of "aiding and abetting unauthorised entry".

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Central Mediterranean Info 2.0

borderline-europe started in March 2019 to put together information about the situation in the Central Mediterranean Sea for internal research reasons. In 2021 we decided to publish parts of the data via Social Media and on our website.

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Criminalisation of migration and solidarity

Migration and solidarity with people on the move is being increasingly criminalised. Resisting this criminalisation is a central part of our work. We research and document socio-political developments and cases of criminalisation. In doing so, we provide concrete support for those affected and inform and sensitize a broad public in the form of information materials, public events and campaigns.

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EU-Pact on Migration

Since March 2021, borderline-europe has been coordinating a project on the New EU Pact on Migration and Asylum within the framework of the "Europe for Citizens" program. A total of six partner organizations are addressing the Pact regarding various focal topics.

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