Transitzentren und regionale Ausschiffungsplattformen: Wie funktioniert das und wo sollen sie entstehen?

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Sahara- Europes deadly external border II

Fortress Europe is heavily barricaded - the new border in the south runs through the middle of the Sahara and claims lives not only in the Mediterranean Sea but also in the desert. The European Union is relying on a double strategy: diplomatic pressure on the Maghreb states for rigid control of the Mediterranean coast and extensive support packages as a reward. The consequences for people on the move are glaring: deportations from Tunisia to Libya - from Algeria to Niger - Morocco takes on migrants from Spain and deports them to West Africa - from where the people set off again to the north. This brochure is the result of a joint event with the Bildungswerk Berlin of the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the cooperation with Alarme Phone Sahara and the Apuleius Foundation in Libya.
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Human rights violations at Croatia’s borders must cease immediately

At the European Union’s external borders in Croatia people are deprived of their right to seek protection in the EU. Pushbacks – the forced return of people – are exercised with life threatening brutality. The increasing use of firearms is the inevitable consequence of a policy that puts the protection of its borders above the protection of people.
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Report: Trial against Hamza Haddi & Mohamed Haddar

Hamza Haddi and Mohamed Haddar were accused after their own escape of illegally transporting two other Moroccans, including the brother of Hamza Yassine Haddi, to Greece. They were also prosecuted for their own illegal entry. In addition, they were accused of acting for profit. The case of Hamza and Mohamed is not an isolated incident, but paradigmatic for another facet of European policy of closing borders and deterrence, where refugees and migrants are criminalised through the arbitrary application of anti-smuggling laws. The hearing took place on 04.02.20 in Komotini, Greece.
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