Push back Solidarity - How the European Union criminalizes solidarity with people seeking protection

Überall in der EU werden Organisationen und Einzelpersonen diffamiert, schikaniert, behindert und strafrechtlich verfolgt, weil sie sich solidarisch mit Schutzsuchenden zeigen. Diese Broschüre gibt einen Ein- und Überblick über die zunehmende Kriminalisierung von Solidarität innerhalb der Europäischen Union; ihre Hintergründe, Formen und Auswirkungen und zahlreiche Fälle. Doch staatliche Repressionen stoßen auf Widerstand. Betroffene lassen sich nicht einschüchtern. Auf Repression folgen neue Wellen der Solidarität und befeuern den gemeinsamen Kampf gegen das rassistische europäische Grenzregime.

Language(s): Deutsch / German
Publisher: Julia Winkler, borderline-europe


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Report on the Situation at the Border of Spain - The Canary Islands

After border closures have made it more and more difficult for some migrants to use other routes to Europe, the Canary Islands became the main entrance for people on the move to Spain in 2020. The Spanish archipelago, which lies off the coast of north-west Africa, has experienced a massive rise in arrivals compared with the previous years. 2020 was one of the worst and most tragic years in the migratory routes of access to Spain as a whole, because of the high mortality rate of the Canary route. This report documents the situation in the port of Arguineguín, where most disembarkations take place and conditions in Arguineguín camp, the role and response of the local government and the day by day situation.
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Sentenced to 50 years in prison - freedom for Amir and Razuli

When Amir and Razuli tried to reach Greece on a rubber boat in March 2020, they were attacked by the Greek coast guard who tried to push them back to Turkey by force. The attack caused the boat to sink and the coast guard had to take them on board. Amir and Razuli were arbitrarily charged with "facilitating illegal entry" and "provoking a shipwreck", in addition to their own entry. On the 8th of September 2020 they were sentenced to 50 years in prison.
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Incarcerating the Marginalised - The Fight Against Alleged "Smugglers" on the Greek Hotspot Islands

On an almost daily basis, people in Greece are arrested and sentenced to life-long prison terms and fines under the pretext of "fighting smuggling". This report shows how the laws of the European Union and the Greek state target the very people they claim to protect: Those affected are often refugees themselves, steering a boat from Turkey to the Greek islands. The analysis follows the fate of 48 people from their arrest to the courtroom. Without exception, they were sentenced in court proceedings that undermine basic legal standards. In most cases, a life sentence is imposed. Those affected are locked up as scapegoats of a failed European migration policy. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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