Report: Push back Solidarity - How the European Union criminalizes solidarity with people seeking protection

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In an unprecedented move, the European Union systematically uses criminal, civil or administrative law to prevent solidarity with people on the move.

Be it on the Mediterranean, in Calais, on Lesbos, on the Croatian-Serbian border, in the French Roya Valley, at Icelandic airports or in German churches. Individuals and organizations that stand up for the rights and dignity of people regardless of their legal status are systematically defamed, harassed and prosecuted by state authorities.

Our report (in German) "Push back Solidarity - How the European Union criminalizes solidarity with people seeking protection" gives an insight and overview of the increasing criminalization of solidarity within the European Union; its background, forms and effects and numerous cases.

However, state repression is meeting with resistance. Those affected are not intimidated. Repression is followed by new waves of solidarity and fires up the common fight against the racist European border regime.

Let's make solidaraity a threat again.

#DefendSolidarity - Video series with people criminalized

  • Kathrin was head of mission and project manager on the civil search and rescue ship Iuventa. With the Iuventa, the lives of over 14,000 people could be saved. The ship has been confiscated since August 2017 and Kathrin, together with nine other crew members, is under investigation in Italy. SUPPORT KATHRIN

    Video interview with Kathrin Schmidt, Iuventa

  • Anouk distributed sleeping bags and food to homeless refugees in the Park Maximilien in Brussels; she let some of them take a shower in her apartment and stay overnight at her place. She has been on trial in Belgium for three years.

    Video interview with Anouk van Gestel