10 years working on the edge of Europe - Annual report 2016/2017

Das Massensterben an den EU-Außengrenzen beenden – mit diesem Ziel sind wir mit unserem Verein borderline-europe - Menschenrechte ohne Grenzen e.V. vor zehn Jahren gestartet und wir verfolgen es noch heute! An den Außengrenzen der Europäischen Union finden weiterhin Menschen auf der Suche nach einem menschenwürdigen Leben den Tod. In dieser Spezialausgabe unseres Jahresberichts blicken wir zurück auf unsere Aktivitäten und Projekte.

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ElHiblu3: Teenager set free on bail

On March 26, the three young men had been rescued from a rubber boat in distress in the central Mediterranean by the commercial tanker El Hiblu 1 in international waters off Malta. After the 108 passengers of the rubber boat, spotted by an EUNAVFOR MED aircraft, had been recovered safely and embarked onto the tanker, panic arose among the rescuees when they realized the vessel was steering towards Libya. Upon reaching Maltese territorial waters on March 27, 2019 the El Hiblu 1 was stormed by a Special Operations Unit of the Armed Forces of Malta. Subsequently, the three minors, aged 15, 16 and 19 at the time, were arrested and charged with several major crimes, in-cluding piracy and terrorism. The lawyers of three teenagers (the “El Hiblu Three”) have requested their release on bail, precisely seven months after the first unsuccessful request, with Judge Aaron Bugeja final-ly granting the request on November 15.
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Commemoration of the deceased along European external borders

Whether in the desert, on the sea, or along fences, thousands of people die every year on Europe's external borders in search for a life in human dignity. On 15 October 2019 we gathered together with Corasol and all interested people in front of the Brandenburger Tor to commemorate, as every year, all those who lost their lives because Europe puts the protection of its own borders above the protection of human lives.
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Common demands on meeting of EU interior ministers in Luxembourg

With the present document, the signing NGOs involved in search-and-rescue activities in the Mediterranean Sea, jointly share the following considerations and recommendations to the Justice and Home Affairs Ministers reuniting in Luxembourg on 08 October 2019 to follow up to the mini-summit of 23 September held in Malta. The question of a fair and human needs-based relocation mechanism remains unresolved. Establishing a relocation mechanism for people rescued at sea by private ships is secondary to the wider problem of the ongoing severe violations of international human rights law occurring in the Mediterranean area against people who migrate. These violations are above all put in place through the cooperation of the EU Member States with third countries such as Libya, a country afflicted by a civil war, in which the so-called authorities are in strict connection with traffickers of human beings, and tortures and inhuman and degrading treatments are usually perpetrated against foreigners, as several Institutional reports denounced in details in last years. We reaffirm that the opening of legal entry channels from third countries, and humanitarian corridors from countries at war, constitutes the only real way to fight and dismantle smuggler networks in the Central Mediterranean.
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