The Sahara - EUrope´s new deadly external border

Today Agadez in Niger is considered the virtual externalised border of the European Union. European financial aid, technical devices, military check points and drone surveillance in the desert are the main pillars of an externalised EU border. In preparation of the 2005 EU enlargement, asylum law was harmonised, and Frontex was founded as a European border control agency. The Rabat Process (2006) and the Khartoum Process (2014) gave birth to the new virtual EU borders in North Africa and the Sahara. Third countries became Europe’s door keepers and the border control was externalised. To counter the underreported death toll in the Sahara in consequence of the externalised EU borders, borderline-europe is networking with other activists in Europe and Africa. This documentation aims to inform about current developments and human rights violations along Europe´s externalised border in North African states. It is based on workshops and conferences over the course of the years 2017 and 2018 that were organised in cooperation with Bildungswerk Berlin of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

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Poland continues arbitrary returns of asylum seekers to Belarus

Practices at the EU external border undermine the right of people to international protection. In the early morning it gets busy in the train station of Brest, Belarus. The city is only a few kilometres from the Polish border town Terespol - a short train ride. For most asylum seekers here it is not the first time they are attempting to seek asylum in Poland, some have tried dozens of times. Most come from authoritarian states in Central Asia and Chechnya. But the procedure at the border is arbitrary. Its said that maximum one family per day is allowed in. As this report shows, the situation at the Eastern border of the EU is yet another example for the erosion of the right to asylum in Europe.
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Stefan Schmidt: "Wir brauchen mehr Druck von unten"

On 28.06.19 Italian police arrested the captain of the Sea-Watch and confiscated the sea rescue organisation's ship. After the #iuventa10, this is currently the second case where Italian authorities are trying to take sea rescuers to court. borderline-europe recalls: Almost the same story happened exactly 15 years ago: In 2004 our founding members Elias Bierdel and Stefan Schmidt were arrested and put on trial for rescuing people from distress at sea. Already 15 years ago, the court decided: acquittal, since the international maritime law obligates to save humans in sea distress. This can not be punishable under national law either - according to the judges on 7.10.2009. A review and commentary by our founding member Stefan Schmidt.
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WeRise - Demo für ein Leben ohne sexuelle Belästigung

WeRise ist ein intersektionales Bündnis von Aktivist*innen, community organisations und Künstler*innen, die sich gegen sexuelle Belästigung stark machen.
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