Ceuta, the Mediterranean, Greece - Illegal push-backs, death and systematic violence by European authorities. A comment.

Wo man auch hinsieht: Es werden Rechtsbrüche durch EU-Behörden in einem Ausmaß bekannt, die keine Ausnahmen oder auf das Fehlverhalten Einzelner zurückzuführen sind, sondern systematisch, absichtlich und ungeahndet durchgeführt werden - sei es etwa bei der aktiven Koordination illegaler pull-backs vonseiten der so genannten "libyschen Küstenwache" durch Europäische Rettungsleitstellen und FRONTEX, dem temporären Aussetzen des Grundrechts auf Asyls durch den griechischen Staat oder bei gewaltvollen, illegalen push-backs in Ceuta durch die spanische Grenzpolizei. Ein Kommentar.

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Sentenced to 50 years in prison - freedom for Amir and Razuli

When Amir and Razuli tried to reach Greece on a rubber boat in March 2020, they were attacked by the Greek coast guard who tried to push them back to Turkey by force. The attack caused the boat to sink and the coast guard had to take them on board. Amir and Razuli were arbitrarily charged with "facilitating illegal entry" and "provoking a shipwreck", in addition to their own entry. On the 8th of September 2020 they were sentenced to 50 years in prison.
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Incarcerating the Marginalised - The Fight Against Alleged "Smugglers" on the Greek Hotspot Islands

On an almost daily basis, people in Greece are arrested and sentenced to life-long prison terms and fines under the pretext of "fighting smuggling". This report shows how the laws of the European Union and the Greek state target the very people they claim to protect: Those affected are often refugees themselves, steering a boat from Turkey to the Greek islands. The analysis follows the fate of 48 people from their arrest to the courtroom. Without exception, they were sentenced in court proceedings that undermine basic legal standards. In most cases, a life sentence is imposed. Those affected are locked up as scapegoats of a failed European migration policy. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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Push back Solidarity - How the European Union criminalizes solidarity with people seeking protection

All over Europe, organisations and individuals are being discredited, harassed, obstructed and prosecuted because they show solidarity with people on the move. This brochure provides an insight and overview of the increasing criminalization of solidarity within the European Union; its background, forms and effects and numerous cases. However, state repression is meeting with resistance. Those affected are not intimidated. Repression is followed by new waves of solidarity, fuelling the common struggle against the racist European border regime.
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