Report: Trial against Hamza Haddi & Mohamed Haddar

Hamza Haddi und Mohamed Haddar wurden nach ihrer eigenen Flucht dafür angeklagt, zwei andere Marokkaner, u. a. den Bruder von Hamza Yassine Haddi, illegal nach Griechenland befördert zu haben. Außerdem wurden sie wegen ihrer eigenen illegalen Einreise belangt. Erschwerend wurde ihnen zu Last gelegt, aus Gewinnstreben gehandelt zu haben. Der Fall von Hamza und Mohamed ist kein Einzelfall, sondern paradigmatisch für eine weitere Facette der europäischen Grenz- und Abschottungspolitik, bei der Geflüchtete und Migrant*innen durch die willkürliche Anwendung von Anti-Schmuggel-Gesetzen kriminalisiert werden. Die Verhandlung fand am 04.02.20 in Komotini, Griechenland, statt.

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Statement on a temporary relocation mechanism

The signing organisations, directly involved in and affected by the content of the EU Summit on 23 September in Malta, jointly share the following considerations and recommendations to the European Union. The question of a fair and human needs-based relocation mechanism remains unresolved.
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Biometric Technology and Iris Scanning in Jordan

Biometric technologies generally refer to the use of technology to identify a person based on some aspect of their biology. Fingerprint recognition is one of the first and original biometric technologies that have been grouped loosely under digital forensics. In 2013, Iris scanning has been introduced by the British-Jordanian Iris Biometrics company IrisGuard in refugee camp management. UNHCR Jordan was the first operation to introduce iris-scanning biometrics to assist in refugee registration. Today, 98% of registered Syrians are processed using biometric technology. This innovative technology has gained a lot of popularity among service providers; on one hand, World Food Program WFP believes that it secures transparency, saves time and money and on the other hand, many critics believe that it could put vulnerable people's lives in danger.
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Scapegoats for failed EU politics?

Together with other NGOs, on February 27 we participated in a conference in Brussels on the criminalisation of civil search and rescue in the Mediterranean Sea. We concluded the conference with common demands towards those responsible in the EU and its institutions - for a migration policy that is not characterized by foreclosure but by human, solidary solutions!
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