Migration Love Stories - Romy & Sara

Our new video series ‘Migration Love Stories’ portrays friendships which evolved because one or both friends were moving from one place to the other. Thereby, it does not matter whether the migration story is one of many kilometres of travel across continents or one moving from Madrid to London. What matters is that two persons were able to meet and enrich each other’s lives. In this episode, we are introducing you to Romy and Sara. How did they get to know each other and why do they enjoy spending time together? Watch the video and get to know their story! The Migration Love Stories are part of the project ‘Bridges instead of walls – strategies against the criminalisation of refugees’. We aim to create public awareness about the different forms of criminalization and discrimination people face in Germany, show counter-narratives and actions and above all, stay together! The project is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

Language(s): Englisch / English