#DefendSolidarity - Sara Mardini

Sara herself fled from Syria to Germany via the Aegean Sea and then returned to Lesbos to volunteer as a lifeguard and translator. Now she is under investigation in Greece.

All over Europe, organisations and individuals are being discredited, harassed, obstructed and prosecuted because they show solidarity with people on the move.

Video Kathrin Schmidt, Iuventa | Video Seán Binder | Video Pierre-Alain Mannoni | Video Anouk van Gestel

Our report (in German) "Push back Solidarity - How the European Union criminalizes solidarity with protection seeking protection" gives an insight and overview of the increasing criminalization of solidarity within the European Union; its background, forms and effects and numerous cases.

However, state repression is meeting with resistance. Those affected are not intimidated. Repression is followed by new waves of solidarity and fires up the common fight against the racist European border regime.

Let's make solidarity a threat again.


Unterstützt Sara: https://www.betterplace.org/de/projects/81284-spende-fuer-gerechtigkeit-an-europas-grenzen-free-nassos-sarah-sean

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