Central Med Info Augus 2022

What happened in the Central Mediterranean in August? 

The EU continues to promote an endless cycle of arbitrary detention, blocking of escape attempts and pushbacks, rather than upholding the fundamental human right of asylum. Neither is Europe focusing on the massive violence which refugees experience in transit and origin countries.

The election campaign in Italy continues to be carried out on the backs of refugees. Candidates such as Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni are stirring up fear and hatred against asylum seekers. However, these are the politicians leading the polls only two weeks ahead of the elections.

In Libya, the political situation leaves most people with no other option than to choose the long and dangerous route towards Italy. As in July, there were several large-scale rescue operations from fishing boats that left from Libya in August.

In August, 153 people died or suffered an unknown fate at sea. The Central Mediterranean continues to be the deadliest escape route in the world. Once again it becomes clear how indispensable civil society resistance is, taking on the task which should be a state responsibility. Find the whole update here. (Enfglish version will follow soon)