Letter from prison: I lost everything

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This letter was written and sent by Muhannad aka Maradona in June 2021 who is serving a 30 years prison sentence in an Italian prison because he was arbitrarily and wrongfully arrested for "smuggling" after he tried to reach Europe on a wooden boat in 2015 (read more about their story). Read also the letter by his co-accused friend Ali.

Dear xx,

How are you. I felt very happy when I received your letter.

My friend I don’t know from where I have to play. Because my story is very long. A book is not enough my story.

My friend I suffer in prison because we are in injustice, maybe you feel me. Because you know what it means to suffer without reason.

The Italian justice finished me. I lost everything. I lost my ambition and I lost my future. I lost my girlfriend. My friend, I don’t want lose myself in prison. Injustice, we are victims of miscarriage of justice. But the God He’s Great. Only God he will help us.

I believe God. I will leave everything between hands of God. I pray for all people who injustice in prison. My friend, don’t worry the God help us I believe God. I hope meeting you in soon possible. I will never forget you.

Aftar 15 days I have process. We will see my destiny. This is letter from Maradona to my best friend.

Ah, my nick name Maradona. This name the people in prison call me Maradona. Because I play good football ;) I wait your letter on fire. Send to me your phone number if you can? My facebook its online at now. You have to add me I will say to my brother to accept you in Facebook.


#FreeTheFootballers #LiberateICalciatori

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Friday, 25 June 2021