10 years borderline-europe e.V.

10 years borderline-europe e.V. - Not a reason to celebrate?! - We invite anyway!

As long as there are severe Human Rights violations along the external EU borders and refugees are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, we will continue to monitor, inform and intervene!

10 years borderline-europe e.V.: What has happened so far and where do we stand today?
Where: ACUD BERLIN, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin
When: Saturday, 28.10.2017 at 6pm

We cordially invite you to summarize the previous 10 years and join a discussion with us. After a review of our previous work and reports about the current situation, there will be a panel debate. Speakers present include:

Elio Tozzi und Lucia Borghi (Borderline Sicilia),
Alice Kleinschmidt (Borderline Lesvos),
Effi Latsoudi (Lesvos Solidarity),
Axel Grafmanns (Sea-Watch),
Lisa Gross und Judith Gleitze (AlarmPhone/borderline-europe),
Gergishu Yohannes (Initiative Verein gegen “Tod im Mittelmeer 2009 e.V.”)
Moderation by Christian Jakob (taz)

After a small buffet, the THUNDERBIRDS from Carlow will be performing followed by more music from DJane ALEXA and DJ JOE LE TAXI. Let´s shake the societal circumstances and dance together! We are looking forward to seeing you! read more

Language(s): Deutsch / German
Region(s): Deutschland