Why #LeaveNoOneBehind? An exhibition by borderline-europe about the conditions on the Greek islands and the European policy of deterrence

On Saturday, the 27.06.2020, we presented our exhibition regarding the campaign #LeaveNoOneBehind for the first time on a public bridge in Berlin, Schöneberg.

With this exhibition we intend to use photos and information to show what the hashtag #LeaveNoOneBehind stands for and what possibilities exist for citizens to get active. In four thematic blocks, we explain, among other things, how hotspot regulation of the European Union and the so-called EU-Turkey-deal led to the creation of the camps, which political incentives stand behind the geographical, social and partly also legal isolation of the camps and what citizens can do to increase the pressure on political decision makers.

In spite of high temperatures and little shade on Saturday, many pedestrians showed interest in the exhibited photos and texts. We are very grateful for the interesting discussions and the positive feedback we received, and we would like to exhibit the material again soon.

When and where the next exhibition will take place, will be announced at an early stage. 

You want to show our exhibition in your town? Send us an email to volunteer@borderline-europe.de so we can send you the PDF file of the exhibition for self-printing and discuss further details.

Further information regarding the situation on the Greek islands can be found here:

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