Critical Issues in the quarantine-ship system for migrants: analysis and requests

More than 150 organisations and associations from various European countries support the demand to abolish the quarantine ships for migrants in Italy.

Since April 2020, quarantine ships have been used in Italy to monitor the health of migrants who have arrived by sea. The use of these ships in times of the Corona pandemic is a restriction of freedom of movement and a violation of the prohibition of discrimination, as quarantine ships are used exclusively for migrants. There is a lack of transparency and information for those detained there. There is no special care for those in need of special protection. Physical and psychological suffering and trauma are intensified. In addition, ships are known not to be a safe shelter against the spread of the pandemic.

The document, signed by more than 150 Italian and international organisations, scientists and experts, highlights these problems and calls on the Italian government to abandon quarantine ships and instead provide safe and adequate accommodation on land with dignity. Because the right to life and health must not depend on nationality and origin!