Klikaktiv - Center for Development of Social Policies

Klikaktiv - Center for Development of Social Policies is a non-governmental organization founded in 2014 in Serbia, with the aim to protect and defend the rights of vulnerable and marginalized groups by developing effective social policies and practices.

One of the focuses of Klikaktiv's work is documenting cases of violence, push backs, breaches of law by the authorities and disrespect of basic human rights at the EU borders. For this purpose, Klikaktiv works in the capital city as well as in the border area of Serbia, especially in Belgrade, Sid (a city in Serbia, close to the border with Croatia) and Subotica (a city in Serbia, close to the border with Hungary).

Klikaktiv provides legal and social support for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Serbia. After mainly collecting testimonies about push-backs and police violence at the EU borders (the last report can be found here) the team quickly realized that there is a big demand and gap for legal advice and legal representation for people on the move. The vast majority never had access to a lawyer in Serbia or information provided about the asylum procedures and their rights. Due to that Klikaktiv started to provide both group and individual legal advising sessions.

The goal is not only to provide people on the move with basic legal information, but to give a broad picture on how the asylum system works, forms of international protection, steps in the asylum procedure as well as the rights and obligations during the asylum procedures.

Klikaktiv's team consists of a social worker, a lawyer and interpreters, all with previous experience in working within the asylum system and providing assistance to asylum seekers and refugees.