Solidarity with Lorena Fornasir & Gian Andrea Franchi

+++Subtitles in English and German+++

On the morning of February 23, 2021, police raided the home of Lorena Fornasir, a 68-year-old psychotherapist, and Gian Andrea Franchi, an 84-year-old retired philosophy teacher. For years, both have been campaigning for the rights of refugees and migrants in the port city of Trieste, Italy. In 2019, they founded the volunteer organization "Linea d'ombra", which raises funds to support migrants in need. When people arrive at the borders, they provide them with food, clothing and medical care. They also travel to Bosnia monthly to help local migrants and activists.

This video was made in October 2020, before they were prosecuted & criminalized. It gives an insight in the work they do and their motivation. We as borderline-europe condemn the oppressive measures by the Italian State and moreover the EU which are trying to systematically pursuit and criminalize NGO's, activists and people on the move.

Solidarity is not a crime!


Language(s): Italienisch / Italiano