Situation of refugees and migrants in Italy (2009 - 2022)

Here you will find information and a newsletter about the situation of refugees and migrants in Italy. We apologize - only in German language! This newsletter has been produced on behalf of PRO ASYL since 2009 by our Italian office and then published on the pages of Pro Asyl and borderline-europe. If you are interested in the issues of 2009-2015, please contact us at

Our publications from 2022: 

Part 21 Scirocco | Part 20 Scirocco | Part 19 Scirocco |Part 18 Scirocco| Part 17 Scirocco | Part 16 Scirocco | Part 15 Scirocco | Part 14 Scirocco | Part 13 Scirocco|Part 12 Scirocco |Part 11 Scirocco|Part 10 Scirocco|Part 9 Scirocco |Part 8 Scirocco|Part 7 Scirocco | Part 6 Scirocco |Part 5 Scirocco |Part 4 Scirocco|Part 3 Scirocco|Part 2 Scirocco|Part 1 Scirocco

Our publications from 2021:

Newsletter Italy 2021
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Covid19-Update Italy // from March 2021 Scirocco - News in brief - English

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Here you can find all documents in pdf from 2009 -2021, all our COVID19 Updates / Scirocco, newsletters Italy and articles about the migration policy in Italy (mostly in German language)


Current projects

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Situation of refugees and migrants in Italy

Here you can find our bi-weekly Update on the situation in Italy "Scirocco - News in Brief" and further information on the situation of refugees and migrants in Italy.

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La Nomade House Project

The Nomad House is an international cultural project initiated and supported by the Compagnie des Nouveau Disparus. It is a project carried out in the framework of the Europe Creative program in partnership with six other countries (Belgium, France, Tunisia, Greece, Italy, and Germany).The Nomade House is a process of creation and artistic dissemination and scientific research on the issue of migration. The project consists of multidisciplinary creative workshops, a theatrical creation, and various cultural activities such as a traveling exhibition and conference debates.

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Criminalization of Migration & Solidarity in Italy

In the course of the collective attempt to shut down its borders, the EU uses numerous means of deterrence to prevent people from seeking safety in Europe. The criminalisation of people on the move and those who are in solidarity with them has been a widespread strategy for years. In Italy, too, people are prosecuted under the charge of "aiding and abetting unauthorised entry".

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Sicily - Tunisia: monitoring, research, identification

In 2023, borderline-europe is involved in two very different MONITORING projects: "Invisible" is about the situation of refugees in Sicily. Mem.Med, on the other hand, is a cooperation project between many entities that carefully focus on the people who have not made it through the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. borderline-europe supports the project through volunteers.

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Our partner on Lesvos

Since 2015 our partner organization on Lesvos has been actively supporting people on the move in various fields like education, first reception and bureaucratic steps. Since 2009 we are involved in different reports on the situation in Greece and the Aegean. Overaching values and aims of our work are to fight for human rights without borders.

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Central Mediterranean Info 2.0

borderline-europe started in March 2019 to put together information about the situation in the Central Mediterranean Sea for internal research reasons. In 2021 we decided to publish parts of the data via Social Media and on our website.

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