In radio and television, there are many discussions about the current problems of refugees in the Mediterranean. Every month, people die while trying to cross the Sea. European policies are not making a big effort to prevent dying in the Mediterranean Sea. On the contrary: the drowning of refugees is accepted as part of a politically planned deterrence policy.

The aim is to practically oppose this unacceptable situation with the cooperation between the Sea-Watch project and borderline-europe. The MS Sea-Watch will provide inital aid to refugees in distress, and will demand and encourage the rescue by the responsible institutions.

We are aiming to save as many people as possible from drowning. We want to make sure that the official bodies of Europe keep their responsibility by reporting news from the sea via live stream on the Internet and by telephone. Our resources are limited, but we can send a signal. No human being should die on the flight and in hope for a humane life on the external borders of the European Union.

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