Diappal Gaayi - Building Community Roots

The village of Thialame is located about 20 km from the town of Kaolack and is part of the national program of eco-villages in Senegal. Due to high unemployment and malnutrition, a large proportion of young people migrate to urban centers or to Europe, weakening the entire economy of the community.
In order to strengthen local structures, anchor young people on their own land and create social and technical infrastructure for the Eco-Village, the Thialame community wants to build the ecological multifunctional complex "Dithialaki". This project is to be realized in a participatory process in which the future inhabitants represent the main actors.

The goals are active participation in economic life, self-determination and agriculture for self-sufficiency. Longer-term results include strengthening local system skills, socio-spatial inclusion, improving economic and environmental conditions, and preserving local traditional practices.