Human rights violations at Croatia’s borders must cease immediately

Ein Statement von Pro-Asyl, CMS, Are You Syrious,, kritnet, borderline-europe, Dobrodosli Welcome zu der kroatischen und damit einhergehend auch der Politik der EU an den europäischen Außengrenzen.

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Ashes of the Failure of European Humanism

First report by Salim Nabi - borderline-lesvos. Mytilini, 9. September 2020 Over the night of September 8 to September 9, 2020 a fire broke out in the largest refugee camp in Europe, the notorious Moria Camp. Moria burned down almost entirely, and it was long overdue; it should have been burned down years ago as a gesture of Europe’s respect for everyone’s right to life. And a miracle it was that for so long the authorities managed to keep the “hell” going, and a miracle, too, it was that the dehumanized population managed to avoid burning down to ashes the hell that was designed and manufactured for them. Moria shall never be opened
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Menschenfischer - Zur Geschichte der tunesischen Fischer

In August 2007, the two captains and another five fishermen rescued 44 migrants from distress at sea. The fishermen brought the rescued to Lampedusa. There, they were arrested and a Sicilian court sentenced the captains Bayoudh and Jenzeri in November 2009 to 30 months imprisonment and a fine of €440,000. Their boats were confiscated and confined to Lampedusa, where they have since been rendered unusable due to the damage suffered. The livelihoods of the fishermen and their families have thus been ruined.
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Report: Trial against Hamza Haddi & Mohamed Haddar

Hamza Haddi and Mohamed Haddar were accused after their own escape of illegally transporting two other Moroccans, including the brother of Hamza Yassine Haddi, to Greece. They were also prosecuted for their own illegal entry. In addition, they were accused of acting for profit. The case of Hamza and Mohamed is not an isolated incident, but paradigmatic for another facet of European policy of closing borders and deterrence, where refugees and migrants are criminalised through the arbitrary application of anti-smuggling laws. The hearing took place on 04.02.20 in Komotini, Greece.
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