Case of Bernd Keller, Godelia Ruckes. Appeal Court of Dodecanese, Rhodes.

Today the 3 member felony appeal court of Dodecanese convicted Bernd Keller to a sentence of 3.5 years of imprisonment and declared Godelia Ruckes not guilty. In the court of first instance both of them were convicted with 16.5 years of prison sentence.

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Press release: European Civil Rescue Organisations stand up against smuggling allegations

NGOs which rescue people from drowning at sea are encouraging smugglers who profit from dangerous Mediterranean crossings, Frontex Director Fabrice Leggeri told the German newspaper "DIE WELT" on Feb 27, 2017.

We, the signatories of this statement, reject critiques that distort the facts. People do not migrate because they support smuggling networks. Smuggling networks exist because people have to flee. Only safe and legal routes to Europe can put an end to the traffickers' business.

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Pressemitteilung: Sofortige Rücknahme der Vorwürfe von Frontex gegen die zivilen Seenotrettungs-Organisationen im Mittelmeer

borderline-europe verurteilt auf das Schärfste die von der Grenzschutz- und europäischen Küstenwachagentur Frontex erhobenen Vorwürfe, Nichtregierungsorganisationen, die auf dem Mittelmeer Menschenleben retten, würden gemeinsame Sache mit „Schleppern“ in Libyen machen.

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Newsletter ITALIEN November 2016 online

Der vorletzte newsletter über die Situation von Geflüchteten in ITALIEN ist online!
Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

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ALARMPHONE - intervention, documentation, networking

WE UNDERSTAND THE ALARM PHONE as a concrete enactment of solidarity with those in transit, as part of what has come to be called the ‘underground railroad’ of flight-movements. We see ourselves as a transnational and multilingual node with varied connections to a growing network amongst those struggling for the freedom of movement.


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Incident Report Sea Watch 21.10.2016

The present report refers to the aggressive interference by the Libyan Coastguard in a rescue operation coordinated by MRCC and involving Sea-Watch 2unit and tanker vessel OKYROE.

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ALARM PHONE - International solidarity against mass drowning, detention and further border militarisation

WatchTheMed Alarm Phone - Six Week Report 29th August – 10th October 2016

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Calais: 40+ companies profiting from the Jungle eviction and border violence

The eviction of the Calais jungle is about to begin, but who does this act of brutality serve? On the one hand, cynical politicians looking to the French presidential election next year, desperately trying to cling onto power with a show of toughness.

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Lesvos Solidarity Newsletter August

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Urgent Petition to open Eastern Border of Europe in Terespol for people fleeing for persecution

The only route out to escape from violence, torture or death for many of the inhabitants of Chechnya and other persecuted people in post-soviet countries is the border crossing Brest-Terespol. But this gateway
to Europe for the forced migrants is practically closed.

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Weekly Reports: Interceptions, Push-Backs, and Drownings: Another Summer in the Mediterranean Sea

In the past two months, the period that this report covers, the WatchTheMed Alarm Phone was frequently alerted to situations of distress in all three regions of the Mediterranean Sea. We were engaged in 38 distress cases, of which 18 took place in the Central Mediterranean, 7 in the Aegean Sea and 13 in the Western Mediterranean (please find links to the individual reports of the past two months below). While in most cases the safe arrival of all travellers could be confirmed, in some cases we had to witness the loss of life and human rights violations.

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Mosaik Support Center: A Mosaic of Personalities in the Heart of the City

The Mosaik Support Center is the first cultural and educational center for refugees. It has been in operation since this July, in Mytilini, the capital of the island of Lesvos.

With daily lessons in Greek and English, and Arabic for the volunteers working at the center, with weaving workshops, the creation of various products from recycled materials, such as life jackets, and a very
strong team offering legal services, the Mosaik Support Center, on Sappho Street, turned out to be a most useful center in the city, a precious and important tile in the large mosaic of integration.

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Sea-Watch Newsletter August 2016

Vieles ist in den letzten Wochen passiert, worüber wir Euch in diesem Newsletter berichten wollen.
Teils sehr erschütternde, teils wütend machende Momente, die wir bei unseren Rettungseinsätzen erlebten und erleben. Bilder, die sich einbrennen und uns nicht loslassen. So auch die zahlreichen Schilderungen der Geretteten, wenn wir mit ihnen nach geglückter Bergung von ihrem Schicksalsweg quer durch Afrika und ihren erlebten Torturen zuletzt in Libyen erfahren.

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Zwangsräumungen in Thessaloniki, Piräus und Lesvos

Heute morgen wurden drei besetzte Häuser in Thessaloniki, in denen Geflüchtete wohnten gewaltsam durch die griechische Polizei geräumt. Die Häuser boten zumindest für einige wenige Geflüchtete eine Alternative zu den katastrophalen Bedingungen in den Aufnahmelagern.

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Blog HarekAct zum EU-Turkey Grenzregime

“A critical monitoring of the EU-Turkey deal is absolutely necessary”
HarekAct, a new information platform on Turkish-European migration policy is being launched today.

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WatchTheMed Alarm Phone prangert illegale push-back Operation in Anwesenheit von Frontex an

Seit Januar 2016 wurden keine sogenannten Push-Backs, illegale Rückschiebungen,
dokumentiert. Auch insgesamt sind die Anrufe aus der Ägäis stark zurückgegangen,
sicherlich aufgrund der abnehmenden Grenzübertritte infolge des EU-Türkei-Deals vom
20.März. Am 11. Juni 2016 jedoch wurde das Alarm Phone Zeuge einer Push-back-
Operation. Zwischen Chios, Griechenland und Cesme, Türkei wurde ein Boot mit
Erwachsenen und Kindern, auf der Flucht vor Krieg und Verfolgung aus Syrien, Irak und
Eritrea illegal zurück in die Türkei geschickt.

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The EU and Death at Sea: The calculated and monitored dying in the Central Mediterranean

WatchTheMed Alarm Phone Statement in light of the current situation in the Mediterranean Sea
and yesterday’s events
Yesterday, on Thursday the 26th of May, it took more than four hours for rescue vessels to arrive.
Four hours of worrying and of attempts to support the anxious people on board of an overcrowded
wooden boat. In a SOS call at 6.21am, our WatchTheMed Alarm Phone shift team passed on the GPS
coordinates to the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in Rome.

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Moving On

The one year anniversary brochure of the alarm phone is out! This brochure provides information and an evaluation of the dynamics, not merely for the Aegean region but also concerning conditions and social struggles in the Central and Western Mediterranean Sea.

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Der Internationale Tag der Migration 18. Dezember 2015

Zum diesjährigen Internationalen Tag der Migration am 18. Dezember 2015 hat borderline- europe Menschenrechte ohne Grenzen e. V. an der Organisation zur „Gedenkkundgebung für die Toten der europäischen Grenzpolitik“ mitgewirkt, die im Rahmen des „Global Day of Action against Racism and for the rights of migrants, refugees and displaced people“ in Berlin stattfand. Neben Aktionen in zahlreichen europäischen Städten haben sich auch Menschen in afrikanischen Ländern wie Mali und Togo am Widerstand gegen das europäische Grenzregime beteiligt.

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Human rights violations on the island of Farmakonisi

Alarm Phone demands immediate transfer of all refugees stranded on the Greek military island Farmakonisi – Travellers stuck on the island face inhumane conditionsWe strongly condemn the human rights violations that occur on the island of Farmakonisi and nearby at sea. We demand the immediate transfer of refugees from Farmakonisi to other islands where support is available and where people are not subjected to military control.

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