Newsletter Mosaik Juli 2017

Das Mosaik Support Center für Flüchtlinge und Lokalbevölkerung ist ein Ort der Wärme, Sicherheit und Gemeinschaft für die verletzlichsten Gruppen auf Lesvos. Basierend auf Werten der Solidarität, Integration und Stärkung des Individuums und der Gemeinschaft ist es Mosaiks Anliegen über die unmittelbare Krisenintervention hinauszugehen und nachhaltige Strukturen zu bieten, die Flüchtlingen dabei helfen ein Leben in Würde zu führen. Mehr dazu hier:


 _"I don't believe in charity. I believe in solidarity. Charity is so
vertical. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is
horizontal. It respects the other person. I have a lot to learn from
other people." -_ Eduardo Galeano

 Dear friends, colleagues and supporters,

 This is Mosaik’s second trimestral newsletter, in which we want to
update you on some things that have happened since the spring of the


 While the situation on the island remains problematic due to the fact
that state resources still don't cover the needs of the new migrant
population - in fact they rather decrease than get better - and while
the number of daily arrivals remains constant - even goes slightly up
again - Mosaik still is one of the main institutions on Lesvos to meet
peoples needs and wants by offering educational classes and a safe
place of welcome and respect outside of the camps. Mosaik’s work is
essential for many people and gives them stability and structure in a
difficult time, creates joy and the feeling of achievement plus the
feeling of empowerment and creativity. Mosaik is known by almost
everyone in the migrant population, to many people of Mytilini and
even many people acting within the solidarity network around Europe by
now and it serves a crucial role in the daily life of many people on
Lesvos. This project is in our opinion a great success, it is the
project of many people working there and of the participants as well.

 Although Mosaik can hardly cover the needs of all people it still is
in our eyes an example of how interaction between the new and the old
community could be established, with mutual dignity, respect and
interest for each other; it stands for everything we believe in how we
should face and react to the reality of migration. Because in our
opinion it is not a question of whether there will be migration to
Europe and whether it can be stopped, it is a question of how to deal
with it and how we all can gain and create something we believe in. In
our opinion there will be migration anyway in the future - more or
less violent, this still needs to be decided. For us the most
important question is how we want to form and shape our society in the
future together. This can be answered only by interacting with each
other. Mosaik therefor is a place of solidarity and of political
significance where everyone participating or working there is
developing ideas for a common future. Through everyone’s open and
respectful interaction - also celebrating together each others
festivities - we daily build bridges instead of walls, we come closer
together and learn about and from each other and work on solutions to
one of our biggest challenges of our times besides climate change.

 Quick facts:

 Since the opening in July 2016 Mosaik had about 2000 registrations
for classes and workshops in total. Around 1600 of those registered
participated or still participate in classes and workshops at Mosaik.
At the moment there are about 900 people regularly coming to classes,
activities or workshops with an estimated number of 350 people daily.
Participants are coming from more than 20 countries from all over the
world and are of all ages. An estimated 10% are between 5-15, 35% are
between 16 and 25 years old. Half of the participants are between 26
and 45 and around 5% are older - the oldest participant having an age
of 89.

 More than 30 people now work on a regular basis at Mosaik - most of
them on a daily basis at Mosaik and most of them employed. The
coordination team consists of 8 people whose job is to organize and
maintain the structure and to assist the more than 15 teachers and the
10 workshop and activities instructors to run their classes and
seminars. There are additional interpreters and volunteers working
which raise the number to more than 40 people in total.

 Mosaik offers 8 different classes: there are Greek, English, Arabic
and Farsi language classes, IT-classes, an Alphabetization class, plus
Greek and English language clubs. Additionally there are Yoga and
guitar classes daily, two choirs - one for adult and one for kids -,
different upcycling workshops - including the safe passage workshop, a
storytelling workshop, a theater workshop and different sport offers
like volleyball, soccer and swimming. Also there are field trips
organized where participants go to museums, do horse riding, mountain
biking and other activities.

 One of the new workshops that recently started is a craft workshop
which is a new applied project hosted at Mosaik. Its aim is to
increase the creativity of the participants who will create objects
made of wax, soap and upcycling materials. You can find more
information about it here:

 A very important part of Mosaik is still the work of the Legal Centre
Lesvos which works in cooperation with Mosaik. To advance their
already essential and crucial work on the island they have recently
employed a second Greek lawyer. He will from now on work constantly at
the Legal Centre and increases with his presence the potential of
actions of the Legal Centre. We are very happy to have him with us.

 The IT classes that started early this year have been a big success,
the number of classes will be raised soon. For many participants -
especially women - it is the first opportunity to learn basic skills
on a computer, they give them opportunities they can definitely use in
their future.

 Additionally another NGO focused legal aid, the RSA - Refugee Support
Aegean - recently based their office in the rooms next to Mosaik and
shares the office from now on with the Legal Centre.

 One of the most inspiring things for everyone at Mosaik is the
success and progress of the students in language and other skills
which is after a test rewarded by our own diplomas. Congratulations to
all graduates!


 Mosaik still cooperates closely with Mercy Corps whose financial
support is essential to Mosaik’s work. But also the constant support
of Odysseas, Agkalia, TogetherForBetterDays, IRC and Attika is basic
for Mosaik’s work. Mosaik is a project of solidarity and can only
exist through the support and devotion of many people around the

 Also we are happy to see that one of Mosaiks main aims - to
facilitate the interaction between the migrant population and the
local community and to support the integration of the new population
into the existing one - is slowly coming about, too. After first
doubts especially by the Greek community we notice that especially
through activities like sports and music - the choirs are a great
success - but also through language classes, events like bazaars,
joined celebrations of festivities like Iftar, Eid and Easter
celebrations, through concerts like Opera Babel
( people loose their fears and start to
interact. These contacts support exchange and show each other that
differences between each other are not that big at all.

 Last but not least we want to mention that members of Mosaik will
also participate in several conferences throughout the summer.
Regarding the more and more severe political and judicial attacks on
NGOs and solidarity groups not only in the Mediterranean but also
lately on SAR-NGOs north of our island we need to stand our ground and
intensify our solidarity networks throughout Europe to oppose the more
and more harsh tone voiced by European politicians and authorities and
to oppose their proposed changes in European laws aimed at
minimalizing Asylum rights to people in need. Therefor it is
imperative to discuss and stand together with those who fight for
non-violent, non-racist and sustainable solutions for our society and
our future. We encourage everyone to join our resistance against the
alleged unique solutions for migration to Europe. There are other
solutions. Mosaik is the proof that there are other solutions!!!

 We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all those who supported us
in the past and present, who enriched Mosaik through taking part in
its development and work. Your solidarity is the essential key to the
interaction between people at Mosaik. We want to welcome all people
that are interested to find out more about Mosaik. Please spread the
word about Mosaik and feel free to forward this mail and the address
of our homepage to friends and colleagues. If you have questions or
you want to visit please write an email to

 If you want to donate to secure Mosaik's work in the future this is
our donation account:


 Recipient: Borderline Europe e.V.
 IBAN: DE54 4306 0967 4005 7941 02

 Besides our cooperations, Mosaik depends on and is financed through
private donations. We have not applied for European or state
sponsorship. Please consider supporting us so that we can sustain our
independent work.

 Mosaik is a project of solidarity and receives its energy of the
passion and love of numerous people from all over Europe and the
world. Many people and groups have supported and taken part in the
creation of this place in the past and still do so today. Mosaik would
also not be possible without the support of those people. Thank you

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